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  High Income  

Airline pilots command some of the highest paying jobs in the country. Those with a few years of experience fall into Top 1% Income bracket in India (55 Lakh/Year+). The process of becoming a captain in India is even quicker due to rapid growth in our Airline industry and requirement for pilots. Salaries start at 18 Lakh/Year for Junior First Officers and go up to 1.2 Crores/Year or more once you are a Senior Captain.

  Great Community  

If there was one word used to describe the community at Airline industry: Elegant. 

By becoming a Pilot you get to meet kind and interesting people everyday, providing you with opportunities to make lasting connections.


Being a pilot provides you with opportunities to travel all across the world for Free! (Vast Indian Diaspora and Tourism are creating a great market for Indian Airlines to operate new routes across the world)


Airlines also provide 4-5 Star Hotel accommodations with extra cash to spend in the layover destinations


Due to the nature of the job, academics involved, level of pay, and scarcity of supply, pilots command immense respect in the community and take great pride in their profession

  Fly With Friends & Family 

As a Pilot, Airlines provide you with  benefits enabling your friends and family to have incredible discounts on tickets


Some Airlines also have Buddy Passes that enable you to carry fly another person with you for Free.


This makes your Travel experience even better!

  Free Time  

As a commercial pilot, you are legally required to fly for not more than only 1000 Hours a Year. 

This provides you with a lot of spare time to spend with Friends and Family

Pilot Training


The quality instructions our students get as a result of our 25+ years of experience in pilot training and highly skilled instructors, and large fleet is greatly complemented by our state of the art facilities. We take immense pride in our vast amount of facilities that are optimized through decades of passion and hard work. We believe this is what ranked us as the best Aviation Academy in India.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

A combination of highly talented industry veterans, immense technical resources, and decades of experience, has given our Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Institute (AMEI) the reputation of being THE best in India.  

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