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Private Pilot License


We offer the nation's most rigorous training programs in the fields of aviation and aerospace. Established in 1995, Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy (A Division of Wings Aviation Pvt Ltd) is India's premier flight training institute offering DGCA approved fully integrated courses. Our training programs are renowned for their consistency and relevance to the fast changing demands of the aviation industry. We have trained students from India and around the world and helped them achieve their dreams of becoming a pilot. We maintain the highest standards of safety and excellence in pilot training needed to prepare students for a challenging and exciting career in aviation. We offer courses for Commercial Pilots licence, Private Pilot licence, Instrument Rating and Multi Engine Rating. We also offer the Airbus 4-320 Course in association with Advanced Aircraft Training Institute, UK, available at very few academies.


“Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy (A Division of Wings Aviation Pvt Ltd) has contributed in setting high standards of aviation training in India. We've created a training environment that boasts state-of-the-art technology, high-quality training, a global reach and a culture of service excellence. With a large fleet of 10 Single and Multi engine training aircraft, training base at an airport dedicated for flight training, exclusive training airfield, lT enabled Ground School, an advanced simulator, a large hangar, and Industry experts as instructors, we continuously offer a practical and operational learning experience through new and innovative technology. We have teamed up with many airlines to provide customer-driven training solutions for every segment of aviation. Our students graduate career-ready with a strong academic foundation and the most comprehensive training available. Our students are now holding enviable positions in premier aviation organizations in India and abroad. Our accelerated, structured courses prepare students for the real world of professional flight, ensuring safe,skilled and professional flight operations. Whether you want to build a career in aviation or just fly for fun, we have a range of courses offering you the right choices for your training requirements. We bring you the finest pilot training available using our comprehensive DGCA approved syllabus, rigorous ground and flight instruction with the most advanced training facilities. The Academy has an accomplished alumni base across several regional and international airlines like Kingfisher, Emirates, Jet Airways, and Air Arabia to name a few. We have a good placement record. Around 1,500+ of our students who have passed as pilots from our Academy are today working with leading airlines around the world.”



travel & recreation

With a PPL, you will be able to fly most Aircrafts, and even fly your friends, family & colleagues to your desired destinations. What’s cooler than travelling the world in your own aircraft? (It’s more affordable than you’d think)

Testing The Waters


While doing PPL, you are sure to discover if Aviation is indeed your passion. In case you decide to pursue your career in Aviation, the flying hours (and of course the knowledge) you accrued from your PPL, can be transferred to your CPL requirements. It is also easy to drop out of PPL if you decide otherwise.




Other than for recreation purposes, PPL also promotes your professional career. It shows that you are a highly committed individual capable of learning new skills. This reflects well with Employers/Corporations/Banks/Investors.




This is highly recommended for those planning to pursue/pursuing Engineering while also immensely helpful for those in all other fields. Universities/Colleges greatly value students that pursue PPL/CPL. It also shows them that you are a highly committed individual bound for Academic Excellence!! Our Alumni also mention the boost in their Social standing at college, when their peers are aware that he/she is a pilot. 




PPL provides the students with immense foundation in Meteorology, Navigation, General Technicals, and other relevant fields. It is always great to have knowledge regardless of the industry you choose. 

respect &



With a PPL, you’re officially a pilot!! This commands immense respect from the people around you, no matter what career you decide to pursue. Once you receive your PPL, it’s valid for life. There’s only some minor procedures required to renew it once every few years.




Minimum of

10th Standard




Certificate from DGCA Panel Doctor




or Above



6 months and about

60 hours of  

flight time

Examination & Tests

Needs to pass 2 DGCA administered exams with 70%

Future Prospects

With a PPL you will be able to Travel the Country and Across the world with your friends and family. Additionally, you could also become an Instructor or Volunteer/NGO (Medical Rescue Operations, Flood Relief, Distributing Medical Equipment, Missions of National Interest). This also enables you to make Aircraft Sales, perform Aerobatics, go for Dates, and even fly Seaplanes!! The possibilities are endless.


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