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#1 Most Commercial Pilots Trained in Asia

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How Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy (RGAA) Will Prepare You to Fly High in Your Career

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Why join Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy (RGAA)?

Vast Experience

Established in 1995, Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy is one of the oldest Aviation Academies in India with 25 years of experience. We know the ins and outs of the Aviation industry, thereby ensuring that you receive your CPL in the most seamless manner.

Industry Leader

With over 2500+ CPL holders graduating from RGAA, we have the record of producing the most number of Pilots in not just India, but all of Asia! Most of the 2500+ are still actively flying and with a current estimate of 8000 Commercial Pilots in India, we proudly boast at least 22% of the entire nation’s pilot force. 

Highest Quality

We are ISO 9001:2008 Certified, and offer World Class Facilities at RGAA along with highly skilled staff that have years of experience in the industry. Some of our instructors also have a background in IAF, known for its strict training to produce the very best!

High Placements

The strong alumni network, RGAA/Our staff’s contacts in the Industry along with our impeccable reputation in the Aviation Industry, makes it much easier for our students to receive placements from top Airlines in India and Abroad. This reflects in our extremely high placement rate as well.

Alumni Network

Along with the 2500 comes a strong Alumni Network and Global Recognition. By training with RGAA, you will have the opportunity to connect and make contacts with our alumni to get great insights in the Industry.


The Academy also boasts an exclusive airfield dedicated for training, an advanced hangar, flight simulator, ground training facilities, and a collection of state of the art aircraft.

Why Become

A Pilot?

High Income. Travel. Fly with Friends & Family.  Spectacular Views. Great Community. Respect. Free Tme.


Updated: 27 May 2020

We would like to give you more insights on COVID19/Economic Situation in the context of the aviation industry, and why choosing to become a pilot is very lucrative in the long run despite some concerns about the current Economic situation. 


Rajiv Gandhi Aviation Academy is the most experienced aviation academy in India as well as one of the pioneers in all of Asia. Having been in the Aviation industry since 1995 (with 2500+ pilots trained) and witnessing a lot of economic cycles over the past 25 years, we would like to reassure you that this is nothing to worry about. 


As for COVID19, we received approvals from DGCA to continue flying. The nature of flying does not involve any crowded places and we practice strict hygiene standards at our academy. Economic cycle in India and across the world generally rebounds in less than 3 years, to reach new all time highs. This was the case during the burst of the dotcom bubble in 2000, and recession caused due to the fall of the housing market in 2008. 

"In short, despite the current circumstances, people always need to get around and pilots to fly them" 

Fluffy Clouds

Benefits to pursuing a career during and post COVID-19 Economic situation as a Pilot include:


Right Timing: CPL, or some other courses usually take about 18 Months- 2 Years for completion. Which is about the same time Indian/World economy will start recovering and then booming from recession. By doing your pilot course while others are bearish about the economy, you will be perfectly ready to accelerate your career in a market with shortage of pilots and excess demand as airlines search for more pilots to meet higher passenger demand. 


Growing Economy: Currently only 2% of Indians travel by Airlines. With a rising middle class and income among all sections of the economy, this statistic is bound to drastically change for the better. This provides immense job opportunities for pilots over the long run despite current Economic situations.


Pilot Retirements: 80,000 Pilots are retiring in the US alone in the next 20 years, which is more than 50% of the workforce. The situation will proportionately be the same in India, Middle East, and most other regions. This therefore provides significant opportunities for new entrants in the Aviation Industry.  

Pilot Shortage: It is estimated that there would be 637,000 pilots required globally in the next 20 years, with 17,000 of those being from India in the next 10 years alone. Due to the shortage in the foreseeable future, Airlines will be paying highly competitive salaries to attract new pilots to their crew. 


Regional Connectivity, Wealthy Individuals, Corporations, Cargo Planes, Medicare etc: 

  • A booming Indian Economy over long-term will enable Airlines to have higher frequency in existing routes while also making it profitable for Regional Carriers to open unorthodox routes between more Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, as well as other smaller Towns.  

  • India has 3rd highest Billionaires in the world, second to only the US and China. In fact, India added 3 new Billionaires every month in 2019. Rising number of Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) individuals is greatly increasing the demand for Private Jets and therefore the pilots required for it. Flying for private jets also provides great opportunities to make contacts with individuals who have great standing in the society. 

  • Indian corporations are also greatly increasing in size and profitability, enabling a  greater pay for CEOs and other Executives. Corporations will therefore be having their own jets to, thereby increasing the demand for pilots. 

  • Ecommerce sales in India are currently only 1.6% of the retail sales. Hence, there is great potential for expansion of Ecommerce. The rise in Ecommerce will also fuel one-day/expedited delivery of products (which requires Cargo Planes). There will be an immense demand for pilots to operate cargo planes.

  • Several Indian companies are starting Air Ambulance services to transport vital organs and emergency patients from less accessible towns to Big cities with better medical facilities. Many pilots derive great joy from saving people’s lives by doing what they love. 

  • To put it in perspective, every new Airbus A320 model requires an Average of 15 New pilots, with minor variations based on who the carrier is. This is huge, and provides huge opportunities for everyone willing to become Commercial Pilots.

  • Ultimately, these are just a few of the myriad of industries bound to have rapid expansion, thereby greatly increasing the demand for pilots and providing great job opportunities. 

  • Vast Indian Diaspora and Tourism are creating a great market for Indian Airlines to operate new routes across the world providing great opportunities for Employment as International Pilots (commanding extremely high salaries).

            --Ultimately, success in any field comes down to your passion, determination, skill and knowledge. We at RGAA provide you with top notch facilities and experienced Instructors, while creating an environment of camaraderie that enables you to follow your dreams and achieve Academic/Professional excellence. We have immense respect for all our students & alumni, and  strive to ensure that there’s no shortfall from our end. We’re all united by our passion for the skies; It would be our pleasure to help you make your dream a reality.





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Flying provides great freedom and empowerment for women. With 13% female pilots, India is a global leader in producing female pilots, and RGAviation has led that movement. Thanks for making our Women and our Nation proud

Hemangini Malhotra, SFO, SpiceJet

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-27 at 3.46.06 PM

Immense experience, large fleet, ideal weather/location, and the list goes on.  I’m extremely grateful to have my CPL done through RGAviation. It’s undisputedly, the best Aviation Academy in India.

Angad Pal Singh, SFO IndiGo

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-27 at 3.46.06 PM.

Thanks to the highly talented staff, large fleet, and highly motivated friends I’ve made at the academy, the whole process of getting a CPL was seamless. Glad to have made the right choice, would highly recommend RGAA!! Cheers

Preetam Chandu, Capt, IndiGo

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