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Why should I do CPL in India vs Abroad?

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

1). A Lot Cheaper: It is a common misconception that getting a CPL abroad costs the same as doing so in India. Getting CPL in India is a lot cheaper than in the US or most other countries by a large margin.

Time Duration: While it is believed that CPL could be done sooner in the US or comparable countries, the duration comes out to not be about the same.

India: 18 Months for the CPL Course and Ground Exams

USA/Others: 3 Months for Visa, 7-11 Months for CPL Course and Ground Exams, SPL/FRTOL/Conversion Exams/Skill Test to meet Recency requirements (1 Months + 3-5 Months + 1-2 Months = 5-7 Months). This adds up to a total in the range of 15-21 Months without even adding up the time required to receive the CPL after completing the due diligence.

With a comparable amount of time frame, conversion from a foreign to DGCA CPL also requires a tonne of documentation and paperwork. Documentation is a lot easier when CPL is done in India itself. At RGAA, our dedicated and experienced staff will help you throughout the process, to make it a very seamless experience.

Flying Hours: DGCA only requires pilots flying in India to have 200 Hours in order to receive CPL. FAA and other country’s regulators have 250 Hours of minimum flying requirement to receive CPL.

Visa Process: Applying for a student visa to another country like the US or Canada can be a tedious and daunting process. You would need Bank Statements with strong finance, IELTS/TOEFL, Enrollment Form, Letters from Colleges and so much other formalities. Despite all that, visa rejection rates have been at an all time high under the Trump Administration. As an Indian National, you wouldn’t have to deal with any of these by getting your CPL in India. Visa process is also far less stringent and inexpensive for foriegn nationals planning to do their CPL in India.

Conversions: Conversion of CPL from FAA or foreign regulatory authority to that of DGCA can be a tedious and time consuming process. Upon completion of your CPL abroad, you would have to get an SPL/FRTOL certified from an Aviation Academy in India, Clear DGCA conversion exams (On Navigation, Air Regulation, Meteorology, Technical General etc.) as well as take Skill Tests and meet Recency requirements. This whole process might take (1 Months + 3-5 Months + 1-2 Months = 5-7 Months) while taking even longer in several cases. After meeting all the requirements, it would take a few months to receive your CPL. This whole process can be circumvented by finishing the CPL in India itself

Some people like to do CPL outside India hoping to have a different travel experience. In our honest opinion, the additional INR 20 Lakhs ($26,600 USD) difference doing CPL abroad is not worth it, because you get to travel across the Nation/World throughout your career as a pilot anyways. This is along with 5 Star accommodation in layover destinations, generous stipends in every layover and all other perks of being a pilot :) While doing your CPL with RGAA, you also get to experience the best of Hyderabad (Trust us on that, there’s a lot to experience). Why spend your and your parent’s hard earned money unnecessarily, right?

Supporting Indian Economy: With all the benefits of doing CPL in India, you would also be greatly supporting the national economy by creating more employment in pursuit of a greater India for all of us :)

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